Deaf, Blind and Dull Enough to Dive.

Oftentimes, success comes down to how blind or dull you were when you launched out to achieve that objective. To succeed at a thing, you need to be selectively deaf to what will extinguish that flame of pursuit. You will have to be blind to the evidence presented against your cause. You will have to be dull enough to think that all of the naysayers have no sense and you alone have what it takes to make it happen.

Success is often synonymous with paying no attention to or knowing very little about how hard succeeding at that thing is. Depending on how blind you are to the facts, you will (blindly) plough yourself wholeheartedly into the project with the full conviction of a successful outcome. Some of us are too quick to give up when presented with the “facts” showing what can’t be done. We dived in, technically drowning but refusing every attempt at being rescued.

Some may call it naivety but dullness (or naivety) to obvious facts and limitations has birthed great results. There are things we will never be able to achieve if we knew exactly what it would cost to complete. The only way to achieve those kinds of goals is if our minds deceived us to believe that it will cost less (or nothing). Some have been blessed by their refusal to study and understand what it would cost.

But all these are half-truths!

Here are the full truths:

1. The reality is that for those who used the steps above to reach their place of success it had little to do with their deafness, blindness or dullness but more to do with the fire they had in them. True vision is like a fire that will never be quenched regardless of the seeming opposition.

2. It is that fire in them that makes them act mad, blind and unresponsive to the facts facing them.

3. You can’t fake the fire or co-opt your mind to acting oblivious to the facts stacked against your pursuit. No real fire = no genuine blindness to the obvious resistance.

Can you create the fire?

This is the big question. Do we acquire these fires that fuel us through the storms of life towards our goals or do we discover them? I will commit the time to dissect this in a future post.

Till we chat again.

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