3 Questions About the Future.

1. How much of the future is predictable?

2. How much of it can be planned for?

3. Do we have to be surprised all the time?

In observing many lives, including mine, I have come to realise that I’m best suited to adapt to what I’ve anticipated in some way. To be completely surprised and caught 100% unprepared means I may have little chance at adapting to what “suddenly” surprised me.

These may be harsh realities and we are faced with harsh realities every day. To seek to attend to only soft issues is to deceive one’s self. It’s time to attend to the harsh realities of missing the pointers in the past and decide on your next set of steps to recover or prepare to be less surprised in the future.

I have faced these realities and made a comeback each time. I teach these principles to those I mentor and those I have the privilege of speaking to. Here’s a summary of the “sudden future”:

· The Future is more Predictable than we care to admit.

· Some people are better at planning for and predicting that future than others.

· You can improve your ability to be less surprised by interruptions.

· You can reduce your recovery time by the steps you are taking long before those “sudden” events occur.

If haven’t done so yet, get a copy of my book What the Future Knows About the Past (on Amazon or on Okadabooks). It documents what I found to be true about the journey to recovery; a journey I have taken a few times in the past.

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